Capensis Coffee

Capensis Coffee incorporates everything that I love. My love for coffee started during my days as a flight attendant for Lufthansa German Airlines, where I would choose my destination every month according to the coffee bar or roastery that I wanted to visit. I used Lufthansa as a stepping-stone to discover a fantastic world of specialty coffee, from San Francisco to Vancouver to NYC to London, Copenhagen, Addis Ababa, Tokyo, and many, many more destinations, finally bringing all my knowledge and equipment collected to culminate in my first own coffee bar project in 2008, Doubleshot Coffeebar.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, was its location and it was incredibly rewarding, sharing what coffee can be with locals and visitors alike and surprising palates! Doubleshot Coffeebar was taken over in 2012 by some die-hard regulars and I left for Berlin to submerge myself in an exciting and emerging specialty coffee scene, doing a coffee pop-up in Berlin-Mitte.

With my Kees van der Westen Spirit espresso machine in my baggage I then headed for Cape Town. (Nothing can keep me away from South Africa for long.) I „popped-up“ in a young baker’s start-up space in the Cape Town CBD, opposite parliament (, with a focus on coffee education and „slow coffee“; hand brewing using the coffee syphon, woodneck, aeropress and V60 filter methods. I offered brewed coffee alongside espresso-based coffee, using beans from Espresso Lab Microroasters, Cape Town; Square Mile Coffee roasters, London; and JB Kaffee, Munich.

I now live out on the Cape Peninsula and my passion for coffee has merged with a passion and hunger for knowledge of the Cape honeybee, Apis mellifera capensis, and of the Cape floral kingdom called Fynbos, a unique and strikingly beautiful group of flora endemic to a small section of the Western Cape of South Africa. Capensis (Cape) Coffee is my new project. It is run from Simon’s Town and will bring together everything that I love. My main focus will be coffee, but expect to be surprised by my sharing of my current Capensis bee research in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, as well as my photography of the Cape fynbos. One day I hope to bring together all of the above, as well as my love for art and books, in a small coffee bar project to be located in the Royal Alfred Art Academy, Art dedicated to the Natural World, an initiative by one of South Africa’s brightest lights in the art world, Jenny Cullinan.

The Royal Alfred Hall, originally a Masonic Lodge of the Scottish Constitution, was built by its members in 1876. In May 1940, it was obliged to close due to Simon’s Town being a naval base and therefore a restricted area during the war. The building was sold to Simon’s Town Municipality in 1944 and was used as a drinking club for dockworkers, but fell into sporadic use and eventually disrepair. It is now in a semi-derelict state and requires substantial rehabilitation to bring it back into community use. This is what we are working on. Stay posted!

Until then, I invite you to share my coffee community page .


A few snapshots from the week. And our coffee journey in this special corner of Parliament Tower continues.

All photos by Carmen Davila

Coffee and Natas

Parliament Coffee in collaboration with Midnight Baker, opened its doors last week. And it was a wonderful week of surprise, deliciousness and new experiences.

Pop-up in Parliament Tower

There are not many cities in the world that offer the diversity, edginess, energy, creativity and dynamism of Berlin; until you discover Cape Town. Add immense beauty, a mountain, two oceans, a multitude of sea-gulls, and this city seems just perfect for our next pop-up.

Not only do we find ourselves in the heart of this incredible city, but at the heart of Midnight Baker, Cape Town’s young and brightest of lights when it comes to croissants, pasteis de nata and many more delicious pastries. Our space is constantly filled with creativity, productivity and the aroma of baking and we feel spoilt to be a part of Nadia Arbi’s world.

From the month of August you can find us brewing for Midnight Baker and anyone who finds us. We will be serving syphon brews from our favourite micro-roasteries around the world and espresso-based drinks with beans from Espresso Lab Microroasters, pulled on our Kees van der Westen SPIRIT.

Feel free to pop in to our little space, pretty much standing room only, at the bottom of Parliament Tower on 103 Plein Street. Don’t feel shy to pass through the mirrored glass doors and security desk of Arthur Davids and his crew who are always welcoming. No one needs to register, no data required and don’t be surprised if you rub shoulders with a parliamentarian.

Watch our twitter here for updates and opening hours.

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s i x t e e n w e e k s . a coffee project.

Sometimes one just has to grab a crazy opportunity when it comes your way. For us, this has come in the form of a very small space and a limited period.

November in Berlin.

But, it’s not just anywhere in Berlin. It’s slap bang in the middle opposite the oldest remaining ball-room, “Claerchens Ballhaus“.

Berlin-Mitte (or “middle”) is described by Berlin-Life as follows:

After reunification the largely run-down area experienced an amazing renaissance as an artistic district. Taking advantage of cheap rents, or squatting in derelict houses, young beatniks set up galleries and cafes on Oranienburger Strasse, such as Tacheles, and many a derelict building found a new purpose – techno parties, ramshackle bars and cultural meetings were rife.

It seems appropriate to be in this amazing city with Berlin having turned 775 this year and with plenty to celebrate. It’s not just the design and the creativity and the originality and the opportunities that attract us to this city. Berlin also has an established and growing coffee culture with a focus on speciality coffee and quality and service, pushing the boundaries as to what coffee can be.

We’ll be using a variety of methods on the brew bar, depending on the coffees, presenting them either on the wood neck, aeropress, v60 or the Kalita Wave, as well as serving espresso and espresso-based drinks from our Kees van der Westen S P I R I T espresso-machine.

Our coffee is roasted by a young-and-wild avant-garde German, Johannes Bayer of jb kaffee, based near Munich.
You’ll find us in the “eismanufaktur“, Auguststr. 63, 10117 Berlin.

Look out for the ceiling with its original stucco dating back to around 1870, chandelier, a brushed aluminium espresso-machine, robust Anfim grinder and old locksmith table.




We are leaving…

…to learn more, discover more, travel to source, roast, cup and continue our passion. We hope to update our blog as often as possible. Join us on our journey.

On 01. April 2012, we handed over the keys to Doubleshot Coffee Bar to the three sisters, Alison, Lesley and Sue. All three were regulars to Doubleshot, and over the past 4 and a bit years, enjoyed speciality coffee so much, that they just want to continue the passion. We are thrilled that good coffee will still be home in Plett and wish them every success!

a minute at doubleshot…

One of our regular visitors from abroad popped into the shop with his flipcam this week. We hardly noticed him collecting the footage until he shared the following one-minute “cappuccino-mash-up” with us!

Music is South African band Goldfish, track: “Get busy living” which you can buy here.