Photo exhib @ doubleshot (5/4/2008)

doubleshot during a power cut, which has become a common occurrence in SA!

Klaus Oppenheimers’ landscape photography on the walls of doubleshot

* * * * * *

In other news:

While googling “doubleshot”, we couldn’t believe what we found on the www! We believe one of doubleshots’ first online reviews…

Cafe Society

And this from ‘Planet Plett‘…

“It even makes coffee
The new Double Shot Coffee Bar recently opened in Plett.  The concept was developed by two Lufthansa flight attendants who visited coffee bars all over the world, and combined the best elements into thier own coffee shop.
Located in the newly revamped centre, The Square (old Checkers centre), it boasts the fanciest coffee machine I have ever seen.  The Kees Van Der Western idrocompressor is worth a look.”

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