Obamamania hits doubleshot…

Today at doubleshot, there was overwhelming joy at Barack Obama’s election as President of the USA. Many hope, that Obama will be a powerful example to politicians here at home…

doubleshot obama coffee

“hmmm… if only this was a doubleshot latte”

The US President-elect is a coffee-drinker himself (must be the Kenyan side of the family showing through). Rumour has it Barack has moved swiftly to prioritise a South African business-trip to allow himself the chance to pop in and sample some of doubleshot’s finest, inbetween meetings with JayZee…

Kenya, as it happens, seems to be celebrating Obama’s victory almost more than the Americans themselves. Today (Thursday 6th) has been declared a public holiday in the African country, and last night the makers of the local Senator‘ beer launched a limited-edition President‘ brew to commemmorate the event!

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