For those who haven’t visited in a while, you may notice the new work of art on the wall.

doubleshot coffee plett felix21

The artist is Andrea Francois Vercingetorige Cristoforetti, a regular to doubleshot. We love his open-mindedness which provokes thought and redefines traditions, which is also reflected in his architectural design at DODECA, which strives to seek harmony with nature. Here is a bit of detail…

doubleshot coffee plett chromo51      doubleshot coffee chromo 3      doubleshot coffee chromo2

doubleshot coffee plett chromo 4      doubleshot coffee plett chromo 7      doubleshot coffee plett chromo8

 Who said biology isn’t creative?

One of the best parts of the painting, however, is not on the wall – it’s watching our local cheese maker from Fynboshoek Cheese Farm, Alje. Amongst other things, Alje is also a geneticist, and every Tuesday when he comes in to deliver his cheese, he sips a three-quarter cappuccino and stares at the painting with a huge smile on his face. He loves Andrea’s take on CHROMOSOMES!

doubleshot coffee plett chromo1      chromo6

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