3 observations on the ‘best coffee in London’…

Time Out recently released their “Best coffee in London” guide featuring an interactive map and brief write-ups on the current top 25 establishments to get your caffeine fix in The Big Smoke. Late last year, we visited many of the spots in the guide on our own search for the “Best coffee in London”, and it’s great to see that Time Out broadly concur with our findings! Here are a few of our observations from the Time Out Guide…

Plenty of action at Flat white and Monmouth, stalwarts in the London scene
OBSERVATION #1: First observation from the map; if , like us, you only have limited hours to search for that perfect cup, you probably want to stay in the ‘coffee corridor’ stretching out to the NE from central London. Admittedly this is difficult, with places like Tina We Salute You and Ginger&White, luring one out to the north!

At the heart of coffee, Gwilym’s cart!
OBSERVATION #2: It’s pretty difficult to miss the common theme of Square Mile coffee in many of the top 25. Anette & James are inspiring a whole new scene with their creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm for all things coffee. doubleshot customers who have had the fortune of enjoying the Square Mile experience on occasion when we have their beautiful beans in stock, will testify to that!

Treasures from Anette at Square Mile to share with our customers back in Plett
OBSERVATION #3: We think it’s great that in a city probably more famous for its finance industry, Harrods and the bling that goes with it, the winning coffee is served in a simple paper cup, from either a coffee counter in a clothes shop or a small cart in Whitecross Str/Columbia Rd markets.  As if his incredible coffee wasnt enough, Gwilym Davies is shaking up the London scene with innovations such as the ‘Disloyalty card’ which actually steers patrons to 8 other coffee shops before qualifying for a freebie at his own store.

Gwilym and cart, no additional loyalty possible!

One response to “3 observations on the ‘best coffee in London’…

  1. Hi Ladies.
    It was great reading your blog which I have now subscribed to and it was wonderful to enjoy your coffee experience again in your shop while on holiday here. I will have to wait another whole year till next holiday!
    Loved your coffee and the experience you facilitate at DoubleShot. Have another great year!

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