Daily Archives: May 3, 2011


The subcultural magazine, MIGRATE, recently dedicated a whole issue to obsession. In it, Brett Morris from Johannesburg, described obsession as follows:

“The best creative people, in any disciplne, are usually the ones who are most obsessive. Obsessive about crafting every pixel. Obsessive about constantly refining every word and punctuation point. Obsessive beyond reason and beyond the call of duty. Obsessive about making great work.”

At Doubleshot we are surrounded by obsession, whether it’s Kees van der Westen’s Mirage espresso machines, equal parts art and science which have garnered a cult following, James Hoffmann blogging or doing a podcast with Peter Giuliano of Counter Culture Coffee, talking about coffee processing and yeast experimentation; Mark Prince writing realms on an espresso filter basket and the influence that the exit surface area and hole size have on extraction, Aida Batlle, one of the world’s most passionate coffee producers, explaining her standards for red for her pickers and blending various levels of ripe cherry for optimal body, sweetness and ripe fruit flavours; our roaster, Espresso Lab Microroasters, perservering to get an even cleaner, fruitier cup and sourcing the best coffees they can find, showcasing various single estate coffees. The list in the coffee world is endless!

Then there’s Ryan Arenson, artist, translating his own obsessive circle-making and obsession with the purity of lines and the spaces between them into art; Plett’s Kevin Evans, South African mountain bike marathon champion, cycling to be the best. The architects, graphic designers, pastors, gallerists, writers, carpenters, photographers, philanthropists, land-artists… all who meet and converse over a cuppa. The magazines at Doubleshot are filled with obsessive creatives, the music we play is by artists who are extraordinary. We are surrounded by things and ideas borne out of obsession and passion. Our croissants now come from Ile de Pain, Knysna. Markus Färbinger is a master baker, creating breads and patisserie that are baked out of absolute passion, with a kind of religious fervour and an addiction to quality of life.

Surrounded by obsession and passion, we love the space we’re in.