Hoppenworth and Ploch, Frankfurt

Om nom nom nom, to paraphrase the Cookie Monster when indicating Deliciousness. Up to now, we’ve always thought that Frankfurt was something of a desert when it comes to Speciality (as opposed to Commodity) Coffee. But sometimes one is lucky enough to discover a diamond. This we did at Hoppenworth&Ploch, two youngsters, both students finishing their degrees; Julian, in biochemistry, and Matthias, in Economics. So strong is their obsession with coffee, that both see their degrees as valuable input, but the output is COFFEE. Both are passionate and obsessed.


We were served cup after cup of Deliciousness. Our highlight was the Sidamo Nekisse, roasted by Wolfram Sorge. Wolfram is the German Barista Champion who started the micro-roastery, Backyard Coffee. The Sidamo we tasted, was the same coffee and roast he used a couple of days ago in Bogota at the World Barista Championships. The Nekisse comes from the region of Neji and has been naturally processed without any water. The coffee cherry is dried in the sun on elevated tables and the coffee seeds are extracted after the cherry has dried. It’s flavour profile is of intense blueberry and strawberry and is incredibly sweet. It’s beautiful as an espresso and takes milk equally well, reminiscent of a blueberry milkshake as it cools.


Julian and Matthias have also started roasting their own beans and we were treated to their 60:20:20 blend Sidamo: Costa Rica: Peru, as well as a single origin Sidamo, enjoyed as an espresso. We loved the subtle tea-like, fruity qualities, with a hint of bergamot and cider.


Experiencing the passion of Matthias and Julian, it was easy to leave our treasure of Espresso Lab’s Panama Los Lajones with them, Matthias later sneaking a bag of Hoppenworth&Ploch Sidamo under our arm, a worthy substitute for our (travelling) aeropress.

Well worth a visit, HOPPENWORTH&PLOCH, www.hoppenworth-ploch.de

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