What others are saying about the doubleshot coffee bar:

  • We were reviewed on beanhunter here. “serious about their coffee, but not at all pretentious”
  • SA-venues included us in their list of “10 splendid things to do when next in Plett” here.
  • South African airline Mango rate doubleshot as the best coffee shop in South Africa HERE.
  • Helen Ward from One Hanois guesthouse in Plettenberg Bay talks about doubleshot in THIS interview on ‘The Gremlin’ Garden Route newsletter: “my favourite cof­fee spot is Double Shot”
  • Espressolab talk about their wholesale-partner philosophy (that includes us) HERE.
  • Jeremy Papier, manager at Espressolab, mentioned us in an interview in Get It magazine: “When I need to get out of the city. I go to the Eastern Cape, en route visiting the best coffee hotspot on the Garden Route, Double Shot in Plett.”
  • Neil Maree, owner of Genio Intelligent Roasters, mentioned us in an interview with the SA Coffee Club: “My favourite spot for a quick cappuccino… Doubleshot Espresso Bar in Plett…”
  • LA VISTA luxury self-catering accommodation in Plett, with its sweeping views over the lagoon, ocean and the Tsitsikamma Mountains, mentions Doubleshot’s coffee and muesli HERE.
  • doubleshot puts Plett on the SA coffee map in THIS POST about the country’s emerging coffee culture on
  • Ted Botha did a post with a great pic HERE.  (Ted also wrote this piece we loved in the NYT on the New York coffee scene)
  • Kulula Air’s Inflight Magazine “comic life” Issue 86 September 2009 Kulula!
  • Condé Nast’s online travel guide,, includes us under Editors’ Picks HERE.
  • David Donde reveiwed us HERE (4.5/5, yes!), and gave us a bit of “re-love” HERE!
  • Another one of our visitors, Jon-Luke, posted a pretty damn amazing photo from the shop HERE.
  • CafeSociety mentioned the “goooood coffee” at doubleshot a couple of times HERE.
  • SoPlett, a very cool way to keep up to date with happenings in Plettenberg Bay, linked to us HERE.
  • Kevin Evans, our closest claim to knowing a sports celebrity, posted about our coffee HERE.
  • The Plett Accommodation Bureau wrote about “the fanciest coffee machine I have ever seen” HERE!
  • The AfricanSurfer expediton, who sourced one of our earlier pieces of art in Mali, wrote about us HERE when we opened…

doubleshot coffee plett newspaper

One response to “Media

  1. We love the Muesli and the latte art!

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