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Bring your own brew

Some things really bother us. Being at a restaurant with fantastic food, but really poor coffee is one of these things. It does not seem to fit, that someone can be so passionate about the ingredients they use in the food they serve, yet fail dismally when it comes to coffee. This got us yearning for that unusual and exciting cup of Yemen Mocha Harazi we’d had earlier in the day, and brought up the question, if a restaurant is unable to serve-up excellent coffee, should one be able to bring their own and pay a kind of corkage? Brewage? That Mocha Harazi was still stunning cold, with a beautiful creamy-flowery-yeasty-nutty-stone fruit-winey flavour, even more noticeable as it cooled. This coffee, or another, where care has gone into the selection of the green beans, the roasting of the coffee, the preparation, and the serving, would have been a perfect finale to a simple, beautiful lunch.

“Gosto de cafe”, photo courtesy of Peter Maurer

An Annie Leibovitz moment…

Sometimes a photograph sets itself apart from the rest. A moment, when the photographer seems to capture more than just the people in it. The photographer seemingly captures a mood or a feeling. The framing and the timing are spot on. This photograph taken by Peter Maurer recently at Doubleshot, is quite awesome. The coffee cups are secondary. It’s something one could call a kind of “Annie Leibovitz moment”, which is splendidly portrayed in the documentary film, “Annie Leibovitz; Life through a lens“.

dabbling in the tech…

Finally, a chance to get some “screen-time” in (as opposed to “bean-time”)! We’ve made a couple of additions to the site – you’ll notice the doubleshot twitter feed in the sidebar for some more frequent news updates from the shop in between godoubleshot posts. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can also ‘follow’ us on twitter here, and watch us as we fumble our way through all this new techie-stuff!

Then, we’ve added a “media” page to thank all of you who’ve written nice things or posted cool photos about doubleshot. If we’ve missed you, we’re sorry (and blame google), please just let us know!

doubleshot coffee plett newspaper

Internet? Twitter? Blogs? YouTube? What was wrong with the simple newspaper?!!

While we’re talking screen-time, a couple of screen-based nuggets from the last couple of months:

1) Fascinating culinary revival in Brooklyn from the NYT
2) These guys do a “coffee porter” beer (check the ‘creations’ page when its back up and running)
2) A docu-DVD must see: Annie Leibovitz, LIFE THROUGH A LENS (check the preview on YouTube)

3 interesting reads to accompany your latte…

We’ve been surfing the net at doubleshot, and have turned up the following few interesting links. They don’t all relate directly to coffee, but we’ll try our best to make it seem like they do anyway!

1. Bean Town

For those who don’t have the time or money to travel there themselves, reading the New York Times “City” section is a more time and cost-effective escape to the Big Apple. Immerse yourself in your screen for a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon… no plane ticket required!

Bean Town” was an article appearing recently about the burgeoning and exciting authentic coffee scene which is growing in West Village-ish like areas around NYC. It’s almost enough to tempt one into leaving sunny Plett for a week or two to check it all out!

espresso doubleshot

Doubleshot – probably wouldn’t be too out of place in the West Village…

We particularly like this quote:

“What you see going on now is a de- Starbuckification, if you will,” said Suzanne Wasserman… “People are yearning for authenticity.”

Did she really say “de-Starbuckification“? Surely has to be our word-of-the-day!

2. Another use for used coffee grounds

Here’s a bit from tree-hugger website – treehugger.com. Written by a self-confessed “fungal-kingdom obsessive” it talks about “using old coffee grounds to cultivate delicious oyster mushrooms“.

Doubleshot have already experimented with recycling used coffee-grounds as body scrubs. This presents another option… can we maybe look forward to ‘espresso oyster mushrooms’ on our famous doubleshot sandwiches soon?!

3. Antarctica – where a good coffee is always welcome!

A little known fact is that doubleshot co-founder Karin S spent much of early 2004 shuttling between South America and Antarctica while working on a research ice-breaker… and has been de-frosting ever since!

Well the other day the Boston Globe ‘big picture’ – arguably one of the most interesting and well-read photo-journalism websites out there – featured the cold continent (Antarctica) with some breathtaking pics to jog Karin’s memory. Well worth checking yourself!


A good place for a coffee!

Obamamania hits doubleshot…

Today at doubleshot, there was overwhelming joy at Barack Obama’s election as President of the USA. Many hope, that Obama will be a powerful example to politicians here at home…

doubleshot obama coffee

“hmmm… if only this was a doubleshot latte”

The US President-elect is a coffee-drinker himself (must be the Kenyan side of the family showing through). Rumour has it Barack has moved swiftly to prioritise a South African business-trip to allow himself the chance to pop in and sample some of doubleshot’s finest, inbetween meetings with JayZee…

Kenya, as it happens, seems to be celebrating Obama’s victory almost more than the Americans themselves. Today (Thursday 6th) has been declared a public holiday in the African country, and last night the makers of the local Senator‘ beer launched a limited-edition President‘ brew to commemmorate the event!

This week at xxshot… (12/05/2008)

After being away for a week, checking out coffee culture (or lack of it) in other far off places, we couldn’t wait to get back to doubleshot for a cappuccino. With most of our regulars fasting for the week, or drinking some greyish, bad-tasting caffeine at other cafés, we weren’t alone in our craving for something closer to caffeine religion. So, early on Monday morning with the sun rising over the ocean and doubleshot, we pulled the first shots…

pulling a quick shot before opening…

It seems as though word has spread in the week we were away. Where other establishments are complaining about an absolute slowdown in trade now that most of the tourists have migrated with the birds, doubleshot is growing, and caffeine is beating in the blood of many more locals. With Klaus Oppenheimer’s magnificent black&white landscape photo exhibition, as well as Ryan Arenson’s positive and negative black camelthorn trees from his solo exhibition based on the works of Pierneef, BLACK,WHITE and COLOURED, doubleshot seems to offer a perfect space for artists to meet and chat. But besides art, topics amongst our regulars shift from the much awaited surf-swell, Sangoma workshops and medicinal plants, to local politics, which is always a gripe…