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An Annie Leibovitz moment…

Sometimes a photograph sets itself apart from the rest. A moment, when the photographer seems to capture more than just the people in it. The photographer seemingly captures a mood or a feeling. The framing and the timing are spot on. This photograph taken by Peter Maurer recently at Doubleshot, is quite awesome. The coffee cups are secondary. It’s something one could call a kind of “Annie Leibovitz moment”, which is splendidly portrayed in the documentary film, “Annie Leibovitz; Life through a lens“.

In quiet conversation at doubleshot!

You may recall a few weeks ago we featured a photo-session at doubleshot with Claire Sternberg and Klaus Oppenheimer which produced some pretty innovative shots of our micro-foamed cappuccini. We managed to catch Claire ‘in conversation’ before she jetted off back to Jo’burg after the shoot…

1) What do people call you?
Claire. Or Clazst. 

2) espresso, cappuccino, latte or flat-white and why?
Caffé Latte is my favourite. WHY? Mmm, it tastes good and mild. I don’t like very strong coffee, so for me it is the perfect drink.

3) what’s keeping you busy these days?
I spend most my time in front of a monitor with design/photography/multimedia and editing. Non-stop. I don’t know how I could survive without a computer.

Clazst lends her photography skills to the doubleshot microfoam…

4) What book/magazine is next to your bed at the moment and how is it?
Pix Photography Magazine, House & Leisure, and a book “Master of Love – Don Miguel “

5) Tell us briefly about the most interesting news/ideas you’ve heard in the last week?
I am inspired by DIY. There are so many interesting things one can do and I think it is great that I can literally do anything and everything myself and with my own hands.

6) What is your “most-played” music at the moment?
Hmmm, I’m unable to hear, so unable to follow music; but my heart has rhythm and beat.

7) Where are you spending most your time on the web?
Facebook and reading news on news24.co.za

Photo session at doubleshot

Claire Sternberg, a photographer from Johannesburg, met with Plettenberg Bay’s photographer, Klaus Oppenheimer, at doubleshot, to shoot and document more than  just espresso shots.

by claire sternberg

 Photos by Claire Sternberg

by claire sternbergby claire sternbergby claire sternberg

latté art free pour!









 Claire Sternberg, photographer and graphic designer at doubleshot